An Overview of Lasik Eye Surgery

With advancement of science and technology, surgical procedure used for vision correction problems have been advanced. Refractive and laser eye surgeries are more common as a way of vision correction and these surgeries have shown tremendous results over many patients.

Usually vision correction surgeries include reshaping cornea or clearing the front of eye. LASIK is such laser eye surgery which usually carries out to correct vision problems of people. During this laser eye surgery treatment, corneal tissue is reshaped and by doing so, the vision is corrected.You always need to schedule an eye test before deciding any treatment for the eyes.

An Overview Of Lasik Eye Surgery

LASIK Procedure

LASIK procedure starts with consultation. You need to visit your eye center for consultation and book your appointment for the LASIK procedure.

If you use contact lenses, then you must remove it when you visit the eye center for your LASIK consultation.

On the day of LASIK procedure, you will be given topical anesthesia. This is to numb the eye area and don’t worry, the procedure is painless. Just after the LASIK surgery, you can go home and your next day will start from new improved vision. In Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center which is a popular St Louis Lasik center, you will have post op visit with Dr.Galanis who is the eye surgeon of Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center.

Usually recovery from LASIK eye surgery is very fast and according to Galanis Cataract and Laser Eye Center in St.Louis, you can start your normal work after 3 hours sleeping. Remember, you need to have 3 hours uninterrupted sleeping after LASIK procedure before starting normal work.

If you are with vision problems, then contact your eye surgeon for the possibilities of LASIK eye surgery for you to correct the vision problem!

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