Incontinence Products: What to look for Before Buying

When you are with the condition urinary incontinence, it is essential to use incontinence products that help you prevent urine leakage and ordour. However, buying incontinence products should be done with care. You have to look for quality suitable incontinence product from the available product range which suits best for you. Below are some of the things you should check for before choosing any incontinence product.

Incontinence Products

Type of the product

While there are incontinence products available such as liners, incontinence pads and incontinent pants you should know what type of product is most suitable for your condition. Below are the products that suit you depending on the condition of urinary incontinence that you face.

Incontinence liners –if you experience light leakage

Incontinence Pads – If you experience moderate leakage)

Incontinence pants – if you experience heavy leakage


You also need to choose incontinence product depending on the gender. It can be either male incontinence pants or women incontinence pants suits you in case if you look for pants. It is same with incontinence pads too. However this step is easier as you can buy incontinence pads online after checking size, type and gender details.

Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence

Check Absorbency

Most of the product manufacturers indicate the level of absorbency in their package details. Check the level of absorbency when you buy incontinent products.


If you check the product details carefully, you will find sizes ranging from small to medium to large. Other than that there may have products with phrases such as ‘regular’, long or extra which explains the product type and its best use as an incontinent product. You should check these details in order to choose the right incontinent pads or pants for you.

Above are the most important things to check before you buy incontinent products. Hope these tips are helpful.

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