Viternal African Mango Cleanse to Detox your Body

Have you tried African Mango cleanse or Detox Cleanse to reduce weight? Detox cleanse is a popular way to burn belly fat and hence to reduce the weight. African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) has the ability to boost your metabolism and to increase the energy levels. That is why this fruit is so popular among those who try Detox Cleanse.

Detox Cleanse with African Mango

Detox Cleanse with African Mango

To achieve the benefits of African Mango cleanse, you need to have this super fruit with you and you need to spend time to make smoothies out of it. Recent studies also show that African mango extracts are also powerful to reduce the bad cholesterol of the body.

However the powerful ingredient of African Mango is in its seed. That is why products which are made of African mango extracts are helpful and beneficial in detox cleanse and losing weight as a result.

Viternal African Mango Cleanse


Viternal African Mango Cleanse

Viternal African Mango Cleanse is a product of Viternal International which contains extracts of Irvingia Gabonensis. With Viternal African Mango Cleanse, you can easily have your required daily dose of African mango to enhance the benefits of detox cleanse.

Features of Viternal African Mango Cleanse


  • Viternal African Mango Cleanse contains other ingredients such as Prune Juice, Ruharb, Citrus Pectin, Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay Powder, Aloe Vera Leaf, Cayenne and Senna extract which are helpful to detox cleanse of your body.
  • This product is claimed as helpful supplement to prevent diseases caused due to obesity.
  • It is also helpful for body cleanse and improves bowel movements. With improved bowel movements you will be able to relieve from digestion problems.
  • Viternal African Mango Cleanse is a USA product which is produced under strict GMP standards. Produce in a high quality FDA certified lab, Viternal African Mango Cleanse is specially comes as a weight loss supplement due to its appetite suppressant properties.

If you are looking for weight loss and detox cleanse using pure African Mango extract, you can easily get Viternal African Mango Cleanse from Amazon.

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