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Are you looking for a health niche blog that accept your guest post?If so,our site Smart Health Support may be the ideal place to share your content.However we also have rules and guidelines to accept your health guest post.Read these and write for us!

Write for Us health guest post

Guidelines to accept guest post for Smart Health Support

Article Topic:

Article Topic should focus on health related and relevant to our blog categories. However at present we do not accept articles with topics related to Sexual health category and CBD. You can only choose other categories from the blog.But,still we keep our rights to reject or accept any article.

We try to create an informative platform.Therefore your article topic should focus the idea in content.We do not prefer gossip style or non relevant article titles.

Article Length:

Your article should be minimum 1000 words in length. Well researched and informative article.This is a must to accept your content.

Internal and External Links

You can include 1 link only to your site within content. Make sure it is not with any buyer keyword. (You cannot use keywords such as Best XXX, Top xxx etc etc.) Your keyword should be the brand name, website url or any natural text.

Make sure to include all your references and resources at the end of the article. We keep our right to nofollow or dofollow the links that points to external resources.

We will link to internal or external resources at the time of publishing or in future where we see it is necessary.


Visuals are important to make the article looks attractive.Include 1-2 images with your article.However media shouldn’t be copied from other sites without their permission.


Your content should be well written using good English.It should be only for our site.Later,if we found you have published the same content in other sites (before or after),we remove the content without informing you.This step cannot be reversed.


Once your article is accepted and published ,we do not accept any revision,edit to the links or adding new links.We reject such requests.Further,we may remove your link in case if we find that there is no such site exists. (We frequently remove broken links)

Finally,if you are agree with above terms,send us your health blog guest post.Write for us!

Contact us here mysimplelifestyledotcom@gmail.com with your topic idea.