Ayurveda- The Sister Science of Yoga & its Benefits for the Human Spirit

Yoga and Ayurveda both are practiced in ancient India but nowadays both these practices are popular around the world including the West. While Yoga is a practice which is self-contained and you can practice it anywhere anytime, you need proper guidance and lifestyle changes when you follow  Ayurveda guidelines.

Ayurveda- The Sister Science of Yoga

Benefits of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, also known as a sister science of Yoga helps people to get rid of many ailments including depression and stress. By following a lifestyle which Ayurveda recommends, you can keep your body weight under control and even you can lose weight if you are overweight. There are many more benefits of Ayurveda on healing mind and body of people.Primarily it is a kitchen science which connects with natural ingredients such as spices, herbs and medicinal plants.

ReAyurveda- The Sister Science of Yoga
Michelle Mendez-Youell – Personal Coach

Michelle Mendez-Youell who is also a personal coach helps people to follow a lifestyle which is according to Ayurveda. With healing treatments that are related to Ayurveda methods, she helps her clients to spend a well balanced lifestyle by alleviating stress and depression.

She uses methods from Ayurveda to help people to create a self care wellness routine. She also uses the healing benefits and the power of Ayurveda to heal ailments, alleviate stress and depression making life comfortable.

As you can contact Michelle Mendez-Youell virtually through her facebook page Michelle Mendez-Youell, it would be beneficial if you like to change the lifestyle patterns and adjust into a wellness routine which helps you to create self-care.

You can also contact her through website http://howtobelightful.com/ which is about to launch!

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