What are the Basic Back Pain Treatment Methods?

Back pain is a much talked about topic in any age. Reasons for back pain can be many, and depending on the reasons, the pain may attack a person of any age too. Youth, middle aged, and advanced aged people, all become patients of back pain when there are problems in their spinal structure, posture lifestyle, eating and drinking habits, or activities etc.

Depending on the reason, the back-pain treatment revolves around the application of some of these common methods. You can practice them at home, or with the help of a dietician and physiotherapist as required in each case. As per Body Focus, chiropractic therapy is one of the most effective treatments for back pain.

Before clinical treatment commences, you can always try these back-pain treatment methods.

Basic Back Pain Treatment Methods
Slowing Down the Regular Activities

Sometimes resting for a few hours to few days, and sometimes slowing down with your regular activities can help reduce back pain. This helps in many cases where the patient gets temporary relief and can manage a few days again, without the pain. This works well for patients who do not have a serious spinal problem.

You may also try resting in between activities, may try evading all such activities for 2 to 3 days that aggravate the pain. For example, if it is painful for you when you take a squatting position, then you should avoid squats for a few days. This will ease off the pain, and let you strive again and give you a healthy spell of pain free days.

Hot and Cold Therapies

Basic Back Pain Treatment Methods

Heat in the painful region of the spine helps improve blood flow to the region while bringing in more oxygen and nutrients. This eventually eases off the muscles and bones and reduces stress on the zone. Finally, you feel relieved, relaxed and pain eases off.

Cold reduces infection, swellings, inflammations etc, and reduces irritation of the nerves and muscles thereby reducing pain. It also has a specific application especially when the zone is swollen or in pain after a hectic activity, or some injury etc.

A combination of heat and cold specially helps to relieve back pain. When you apply heat before getting ready for the day’s work and activities, and then apply cold after completing the day’s work or some hectic activity, then it really helps relieve you from the back pain. Heat and cold therapy is an effective back pain treatment.

OTC Medicines

You can always try pain relief gels, creams, ointments etc, or pain killer drugs like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. They help to relieve the pain instantly in most cases and with a few days of continued back pain treatment you can actually get a long spell of pain free days ahead. Sometimes small injuries get healed completely and the pain subsides permanently. Hence, when you are struggling with the pain and even after trying several home remedies without much relief, application of OTC medicines is not such a bad idea.

Back Pain Belts

Sometimes the alignment of the spine gets faulty due to repeated bad posture, years of hectic lifestyle, past injuries, trauma to the spine for some reason, birth defects, and loads of other reasons. In such cases, a belt which brings the spine in the right alignment while compressing the vertebras at the pain area in the appropriate way helps. This reduces pain and helps improve blood circulation. Also, it avoids the chances of missing nerve signals thereby saving the patient from sudden blackouts or body balance problems.

There are many more advanced back pain treatment methods for patients who have been struggling for years. Surgeries, physiotherapies, acupuncture, acupressure, and many other therapies are applied successfully on back pain patients.

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