Benefits of Spanish Cheese in a Balanced Diet

Spaniards are renowned by the way they enjoy life, passion, poise and above all good food!.  Usually we think about Spanish delicacies as tasty, but high in fat and thus a bit unhealthy, this isn’t entirely true. Many studies have proved that mixing ingredients like; red wine, olive oil, iberian ham, and Spanish cheeses could lead to live a healthy life, of course in the right measure. These are the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet and if you ask me a happy living.

Cheese is a dairy product, like milk or yogurt and the process of producing both is not far apart since both are made by curdling milk. The process is simple but the outcome can be as diverse as type of cheese are.

Let’s focus on manchego cheese, this type in particular is a Spanish delight made of Manchegan sheep milk and pairs perfectly with Rioja´s tempranillo red wine.

This variety of cheese has a curating process which lasts from 30 days to 2 years, this makes it healthier than softer cheeses, which have not been aged as long, so acids are usually needed to speed up the process.

Spanish cheeses

Manchego cheese, typical Spanish Cheese

Healthy ingredients

Cheese contains many ingredients which are good for your body, and I mean a plentiful supply of probiotics for a good digestion along with gut flora and a healthy intestinal environment.

Manchego cheese is a good source of protein, it contains 38 gr/100gr. Protein is really important because helps your body rebuild tissue, build muscle and have a normal function, the average protein intake for men should be 56gr per day and for women 46gr, so with a small portion of cheese you have covered an essential part of your protein needs for the day.

Manchego cheese, has a lower content of lactose, less than softer cheeses so it can be consumed by people with mild lactose intolerance.

You can look in cheese for various supplies of vitamin B12, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin K2, sodium, phosphorous and calcium. A rich diet of calcium could ensure strong and healthy bones and also prevent deterioration of bone tissue and the apparition of bone diseases like osteoporosis, and since cheese has a high level of calcium, protects your teeth from acid erosion caused by coffee, tea, candy and lemon juice.

So you see there are a lot of benefits in incorporating cheese into your diet, and if you exercise regularly and keep healthy habits you shouldn’t have any problems enjoying a Mediterranean lifestyle.


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