How to Calculate Burned Calories During Various Physical Activities

Are you in any fitness goal? Have you ever thought of how many calories you could burn after any physical activity? Or even did you plan how many minutes that it will take to burn some amount of calories doing a particular physical activity? If you are in any fitness goal, then the amount of calories you can burn by each physical activity is really important. When you have some idea with actual figures it is really easy to reach the goals.

How to Calculate Burned Calories During Various Physical Activities

Calculating burned calories during various physical activities


Generally, the number of calories which you can burn during a physical activity is related with your weight, activities and gender. The time spent for the activity is another factor affecting the total calories burned. The activity you are performing matters in the final results. For example number of calories burned walking is different from calories burned running for the same period of time. Whatever physical activity you are going to perform, it is best to have idea on the number of calories burned, so you can easily set your next goal or you can change the workout plan.

There are formulas to calculate the burned calories during physical activities. However, nowadays there are charts available which you can easily refer to check the figures such as calories burned walking, calories burned rowing, calories burned running etc.

By checking such charts, you can easily find the number of calories you can burn during any physical activity. However these charts are guidelines only and you need to do anything in moderate.

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