Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Do you know that your indoor air quality can affect your health? Indoor air quality can cause effects from short range to long term including lot of symptoms.

Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Common pollutants of Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air is polluting due to different reasons. However common reasons for indoor air pollutions are mold, chemical emissions, combustion gases and environmental tobacco smoke. Chemical emissions can be due to mold testing, asbestos testing and even it can include the cleaning products.

Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

Asbestos is another common pollutant and this can be due to Damaged or deteriorating insulation, fireproofing, and acoustical materials.

Common symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution


Sinus Headache Pressure

If you undergo any indoor pollution, you will see different symptoms such as Coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and headaches. Most of the time, these symptoms are mistaken as allergies. However if you notice such symptoms on you or your family members after spending time at a place where you can suspect poor indoor air quality, it is better to seek medical advice.
Other than above symptoms, indoor air pollution can lead you to have cancers and other serious medical conditions.

Creating Healthier Indoor Environments

Creating Healthier Indoor Environments is the most effective and suitable way to reduce the risks of indoor air pollution. To achieve this you can eliminate the harmful sources of chemical emissions such as cleaning products, paint, textiles and building materials such as asbestos.

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