Teeth Whitening – Top 5 Myths and Facts

Having pearly white teeth is as important as wearing good cloths and keeping yourself up to date. Your smile is perhaps the first and most important thing that leaves your long lasting impact on the person in front of you. Unfortunately, there are many who damage their teeth and lose their brightness and color because of various reasons. Visiting a good orthodontist can return you the bigger and brighter smile and teeth whitening Dubai is the perfect option. But before making your decision, you must have a look on myths associated with this procedure.

Teeth Whitening

There are several myths and misconceptions associated with this procedure and here we will shed light on top five along with the facts. Read on to know.

Myth # 1: Teeth whitening ruins your teeth

Fact: Not true! How teeth whitening affect your teeth depends on the material used in the procedure. Mostly hydrogen peroxide or carbamideperoxide is used as teeth whitening gel and these products do not cause any damage to tooth enamel.

Myth # 2: All whitening gels are same

Fact: It is another common misconception that all the whitening gels are the same. Hydrogen per oxide and carbamide peroxide are commonly used ones and among them the later one acts slower. The effect of the gel also depends on the time period and medium strength whitening also work when used properly and applied for longer period of time.

Myth # 3: Teeth whitening is not safe

Fact:Tooth bleaching or whitening is a safe procedure that has been in practice for 100 of years. The only thing required is following some simple safety steps. Use of professional products can help minimize any damage to gums and soft tissues. You may feel some sensitivity after the procedure but it is usually temporary.

Myth # 4: Teeth whitening accelerator light does not work

Fact: It is not true for most of the cases. Using professional accelerator does help in accelerating oxidation of whitening gel. It is usually more helpful for the gels that work slow.

Myth # 5: Teeth whitening works same for everyone

Fact: Unfortunately, most of the individuals have unrealistic expectations with this treatment. It is not like that teeth whitening does not work but it works differently for every individual. This is because every individual has unique mineral composition of teeth. Some get less time to get desired results but others may take a bit longer.

Now that you have got to know the top teeth whitening myths and facts, you must be ready to visit an orthodontist Dubai.

We have highly experienced and well qualified orthodontists on board. Just don’t delay booking an appointment with us for teeth whitening Dubai and give our experts a chance to help you make your smile brighter. Dental health plays an important role in our lives but we still intend to neglect it and then alter on we face the consqiences in the form of cavity, pain and yellow teeths. Dental health should be taken serioulsy just like we care about our hair, face and  body!

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