Why the New Year is THE time to book your next Dental Check-up

Face it, you’ve probably not been to the dentist in a while. You’ve been procrastinating like most of us do, thinking you’ll go eventually. Until it’s too late and you’re stuck with an infection of some sort that could’ve been prevented.

That is why the new year is the best to book your next dental check-up. It’s a brand new year with exciting possibilities, so why should your oral health suffer. By making it a six month thin you won’t be jeopardizing your pearly whites in the long run. New year, new you, why not?

Why the new year is THE time to book your next dental check-up

When going for a dental check-up your getting your teeth checked out for any new or even old dental problems. If you leave it until the last minute it’s going to be a lot harder to treat. Dealing with any dental issues early on can save you a lot of drama.

During a dental check-up, your dentist will have a look at your teeth, mouth and gums. He or she will make sure everything is the colour it should be and nothing looks suspicious. They will inquire about your everyday health and ask if you’ve had any troubles since the last time you visited a dentist.

They’ll give you advice and maybe point out any potential problems you might have because we can’t see what’s going on in our mouths or what’s happening underneath the surface.

Dentists nowadays don’t just look at your teeth, gums and mouth though. They also examine your lymph nodes, lower jaw, neck and face for any abnormalities. And sometimes they will spot something way before you even realize there’s an underlying problem.

time to book your next dental check-up

It’s definitely a good idea to go into the new year with your health in mind. That way you’ll take the year on without any worries, and if there are any problems you can treat it asap.

When going so early in the year you can plan accordingly going every six months, so that’s the beginning of each year and then again in the middle of the year. Keeping up with your appointments will seem a lot more doable. There’s also enough time in between to put money away for when you want to do some dental work like fix broken teeth or get veneers. It will also help build a relationship with your dentist which will help in the long term when you need to communicate about anything embarrassing.

When you make time to look after your teeth especially so early in the year your self-confidence will be set from the start. If you know your teeth are well looked after you’re going to want to smile and enjoy the benefits of taking care of your oral health.

Going regularly and making it a priority first thing in the year also sets a very good example for your kids if you have any. They learn from their parents, so why not set the bar and show them there’s nothing to be afraid when visiting the dentist. Another thing that will help is telling them what not looking after your teeth will do.

Making time for your bi-annual appointments will help in the prevention of losing any teeth. And we can only imagine what that will do to our self-confidence.

Whatever your reasons for needing to go the dentist, make an appointment now. The best time to get anything done is asap so you will have peace of mind going into the year. In the long run your teeth will thank you, and you’ll be smiling all the way.


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