Three Ways to Boost Your Energy This Summer

This time of the year is usually full of lots of things to do, especially if you want to make the most out of the fantastic weather and time with your loved ones. Of course, the heat of the summer can leave a lot of people feeling tired and lethargic, and there are also considerations about the change in diet most of us undergo as we start to deal with the heat. Summer diets may feel healthier as they tend to be lighter, but are they really giving you everything you need?

Three Ways to Boost Your Energy This SummerHere are some tips for making sure you keep yourself feeling as boosted up in energy as possible, and nice and lively during the summer ahead!


It is no secret that when you have the best in terms of nutritional input, your body works best, and this translates over to generally feeling good. In the summer, many people feel tempted to adopt lighter diets that are heavy on salad and fruits, for example, which is a very healthy way to eat. However, this can leave you with some gaps in terms of vital nutrients that, at other times of the year, you might get from different foods. It is generally best to take a good supplement complex all year round, such as the Thrive Experience, so that you aren’t running the risk of low level vitamin and mineral deficiencies which can make you feel less than optimal.

Ways to Boost Your Energy This Summer

Get Your Sleep Pattern in Order

A lot of people have sleep patterns that are less than beneficial, such as working hard Monday to Friday and getting very little sleep, only to sleep all day on a Saturday to try to catch up. These things may feel like they help in the long term, but they actually do build up a kind of negative effect on your level of rest. The summer is a good time to address this, as the longer daylight hours should help you to get into a natural cycle of going to sleep and waking up without input from harsh things like alarms. Try to use this time of year to correct bad sleep habits and you will soon feel more energized!

Spend More Time Outdoors

Ways to Boost Your Energy This Summer

The outdoors is something we tend to see surprisingly little of when working and living in a city. However, just being outside in open spaces and breathing fresh air can have a reviving effect, so it is a good idea to get outside as much as you can when the weather is warm and the days are long. Look at ways you can boost how much time you spend outside, for example walking or cycling to work instead of using public transport or driving, or adding a nice evening walk after dinner every night with your family.

These are all fairly easy ways to add a boost to your energy levels this summer, and that you can continue doing even when the fall season begins to arrive!

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