What are the Diabetes Superfoods?

If you suffer with Diabetic then it is a must that you should control your food in order to control your diabetic and diabetic symptoms. Controlling food choices is never easy if you don’t follow healthy diabetic friendly diet plan. That is why in this post, I want to share details and information on Diabetes Super foods so you will be able to find the right food choices for you.

What are the Diabetes Superfoods?

What are the Diabetes Superfoods?

When you consider diabetic friendly foods, the first and important measure to check is glycemic index or GI. In a diabetic friendly meal you need to include food which has low glycemic index or GI. Dark green leafy vegetables, types of beans, citrus fruits, berries and tomatoes are low in glycemic index, so these are good to add to your diabetes superfoods list.

 In this diabetic food list, they have included the foods which are worst to include in your diabetic meal plan. Knowing the worst diabetic food is really important, so you can omit those in your meal plan in order to keep your meal diabetes friendly.

Other than the above mentioned food list, you can add sweet potatoes which is another starchy vegetable with low glycemic index. Actually you can easily replace potatoes with sweet potatoes making your meal healthier.

Do you follow a diabetes meal? If so what are the superfoods that you enjoy which we haven’t mentioned here?


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