Your Rice Cooker might be harming your health

If you eat more rice or if rice is your staple food, then understanding the effects of eating more rice can be beneficial to avoid many diseases. Foods which are with higher sugar content are definitely not healthy and you are in risk of getting Sugar Disease.


What is sugar disease?

adsgoogleadwordpic1Sugar disease usually comes in 3 different forms. Sugar disease is found in human being as hypoglycemia, heart and obesity diseases and diabetes. These all forms of sugar disease are due to high sugar intake.

How to prevent sugar disease?


The important step to prevent sugar disease is to eat low carb diet which has low GI (glycemic index). That means if you consume carbs diet which has lower glycemic index (GI) ,the amount of your sugar intake is low. Most of the Asian countries consume rice as their staple food; unfortunately rice is with high GI.

So, how to prevent high sugar intake? Can you cut rice completely? It is not practical. Those who eat rice as their staple food want rice every day. If you are one of them, you are not in a stage to cut down your everyday rice plate.

Then what is the solution?

Cook rice in the correct way!

But, if you cook rice in a conventional rice cooker, you don’t cook it right.

What is the correct way of cooking rice?

When you cook rice in your usual rice cooker, it cooks rice in a fast process. Usually it takes only around 15 minutes to cook rice. When the water in the rice cooker pot is absorbed completely by rice grains and once the rice is boiled, rice cooker will turn off. This method is not good as your rice get back the RDS (Rapidly Digestible Starch) from the water which it removes from rice grains at certain point.

What is the correct way of cooking rice?


Understand of Cooking rice in the correct way is very important to avoid the high sugar intake. Basically, when you cook rice with water, rice grains absorbs water and become fluffy and soft and ready to eat. At a certain point of this cooking process, Rapidly Digestible Starch or RDS will start to move out from the rice grain. At this point, if you can hold rice-water mixture at the same temperature for a long time, you are able to remove most of the RDS to water and you will have rice with low RDS. Once you remove the water from your rice which has RDS dissolved, your rice plate is healthier enough to consume.

Your Rice Cooker might be harming your health

BUT, is this method convenient with your lifestyle? Are you even able to find the right temperature which starts RDS to remove from the rice grains?

Truly, this is not practical. You want to eat rice, you want it to be healthy and at the same time you want a convenient method to cook rice.

Grayns rice cooker Grayns rice cooker was invented to solve this problem.

As a joint venture project between Malaysia and US, Grayns Research Lab invented a rice cooker which is able to isolate sugar from rice. With Grayns rice cooker you can enjoy your rice meal with low GI. That is because of the cooking process used in Grayns rice cooker which is able to produce low GI rice.


Visit for more information on how this rice cooker works and how you can eat healthy rice.


If you cook the rice the healthier or the correct way,you don’t have to worry too much about most of the diseases including sugar disease!

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